>We finally found out the winner of American Idol tonight and it was actually a fun results show.  Please note saying that I Tivo’d the entire thing, stayed off the ‘net for two hours and then fast forwarded through most of it.  The thing about the finale of the biggest show in the world is why do they always get such lame “A-list” talent to make appearances.  Donna Summer?  Brian Adams?  George Michaels?  What is this some sort of Idol themed 80’s night?  Is that really the best they could do?!

In case you missed it and are still in the dark I’m not going to ruin it for you here.  But check out the Youtube clip below to see Ryan announce the results and the winner’s final tacky and cheesy song!  (Oh and don’t be dismayed by the image you see on the Youtube video still screen, it doesn’t mean that that person is the winner….)

Now that the season is done I just have one singular question:

Um….What was the prize?
(Seriously, they never announced it. Was it the hybrids? An appearance on next years show in an awful gold dress? An apology from Randy?)

Mike Morrison