>I know good TV.  I know good movies.  I even know animals (yes to dogs, boo to crocodiles). But I have no problem admitting that I have no idea what good music is. Example: Why do I still own/listen to Big: The Original Broadway Musical? I’ve admitted it before so this isn’t really anything new.  Basically, unless someone shoves good music in my face (ie: Sarah Slean, Ryan Adams and The National) I won’t find it.  Instead I’ll run to whatever Rick Dees or Ryan Seacrest are selling that particular week..  Which brings me to my point or rather a warning!  (Special shout out to me for actually almost having one!)

Whatever you do, please do not listen to Metro Station‘s Shake it.  I’m not kidding you.  It is really good….I mean addictive and probably awful.  I have never been addicted to a drug but I called A&E’s Intervention and they are sending a camera crew next week.  I hate this song so much that I downloaded it and can’t turn it off.  I kinda feel like I’m in a zombie movie and have just been bitten.  I’m not dead yet but I can feel the virus in my blood, eating away at me.
Worse yet.  Deep Breath.  I don’t think I can even type it.  There is a Miley Cyrus connection. Damnit Billy Rae why couldn’t you have used a condom? Or rather, why must Mrs. Cyrus love a mullett so much? Those things just aren’t right! That’s right Bloggity Blog readers Metro Station’s Trace Cyrus is big brother to that soul robber Miley Cyrus.  
I think I need to see someone. more often.
For some reason us Canadians aren’t allowed seeing the official video, so this one on Youtube will have to do.  I dare you to listen to it once.

Mike Morrison