When Jian Ghomeshi comes to Calgary, it’s clear to see that he is man in demand.  While in town last week, he had just completed a sold out taping of his immensely popular CBC Radio show Q and he also had a full day of meetings and interviews. Just hours before going to see the Lights, the award-winning singer that he has managed for more than ten years, I got the chance to hang out with him in the ever glamourus Bloggity studios, (shhhh it’s just my laptop.)

Nestled comfortably in a noisy hotel lobby, we talked about the show’s popularity, the responsibility that success comes with and most importantly, he teaches me how, even I, can perfect the Jian Ghomeshi radio voice.

Mike Morrison


  1. Good interview mike.  Good editing too.  I liked your question about whether or not he asks questions he’d think viewers want to ask.  What makes his program great is that his interviews flow like a natural and good conversation. Unlike the uncomfortability of leading a radio host into doing an impression of an impression of himself. But really, I’m glad you kept that in there. Cringe = funny.

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