>Today is big day for Canada’s Erin Karpluk! The star of Being Erica, which recently wrapped up season 2 in Canada, is going to be on The View. That’s right, THAT View!

In case you haven’t been reading American entertainment sites lately, the states are mad for Being Erica. This week, Entertainment Weekly gave the second season premiere an A- grade! And Soapnet just completed a marathon of the show’s first season, all in anticipation of the season two premiere tonight!
So why the hell should Canadians care? Do you really think CBC is dumb enough to let Erin Karpluk go? When was the last time anyone from the CBC was on the highly rated The View?
All of this bodes very well for a season three of Canada’s favorite time-traveler.
And if for some reason, season three doesn’t work out, I’m thinking that Erin should leave her resume somewhere on the View set. Wouldn’t she make an awesome co-host?

In case you missed it, here is the clip of Erin on today’s The View. Watch it and try to figure out how not to love her. Don’t waste too much time, it is impossible.

Mike Morrison


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