There is never enough time in the day.  There is just too many distractions.  Plus there is usually too much TV to watch and that doesn’t leave much time for other things like laundry, showering and watching your growing selection of un-opened and unwatched DVDs.

Right now the collection of mine seems to grow with every BLOWOUT DVD sale and celebrations that revolve around the birth of me or Jesus.
To date, said collection includes Dead Like Me (seasons 1 and 2), Extras (season 1), The Ice Storm, The Comeback (season 1) and Volver.
I know these are shows and movies that would probably be on my “all-time favorite” lists (Hello Buffy, Veronica and The Mummy), but for some reason or another I have never gotten around to them.
Enter writers strike.
With me actually looking forward to One Tree Hill, the situation has obviously become dire. My friend Anne has promised me that a copy of Dr. Who will soon be occupying my mailbox and the ex-roomie will soon be giving me her copy of the First Season of Dexter.  
But that might not happen for a couple of days, so I’ve made it my vow to make it through these hidden gems that have been ignored for way too long.  I’ll obviously have to start with either Extras or The Comeback because I’ve nothing but amazing things about them. Plus the Comedy Network started airing the first season of Extras on Tuesday nights and why watch it on TV with commercials when it is sitting on your bookshelf  for free!?!?
And with the weather in Calgary tomorrow reaching a balmy -41 (how many sleeps till Hong Kong?), it looks like I will be home bound for a quite a while.  Just the way I like it.

Mike Morrison