What evil has Dancing with the Stars unleashed this week?

I’m not expert, but this is perhaps the most evil of comebacks since the resurgence of Mario Lopez‘s career. Now former Dancer Steven Guttenberg is also plotting his comeback even though he was the third dancer to be eliminated when he was on the popular dancing competition last year.

According to Movieweb, Steve is shopping around Police Academy 8 and Three Men and A Bride. I’m assuming the latter is about the three bachelor’s adopted daughter and not, what the title implies, some sort of reverse polygamy rom-com.

This begs the question: Does everything really need a sequel? The last Three Men movie was made 18 years ago and Guttenberg hasn’t appeared in the Police Academy series since 1987!!! So what’s nice. The Other Hand Rocks The Cradle? Beethoven’s 12th? Now & Then and Then Again?

Steve also says that he regrets turning down Short Circuit 2, making him the only person to actually be upset for not being that movie. Thankfully there are no plans to make that movie a trilogy, although on second thought, it would be nice to know what Johnny #5 is up to nowadays…..

Mike Morrison