>I’m going to make a statement. It might shock you, it might scare you. But it’s how I feel:

I am in love with the Fall TV season so far!
Later on this week, I’ll be talking about my favorite and least favorite of the season, but for now I want to give you some of the more exciting TV tidbits I’ve picked up!

-The awful, dreadful, embarrassing Viva Laughlin has already been canceled after two too many airings, not even Hugh Jackman could save this show that featured it stars singing over previously recorded songs in some sort of musical hybrid. Didn’t watch it? Don’t worry, even I only made it through the first 5 minutes. So why does this effect you? It effects you because it means we are getting The 12th season of The Amazing Race two months early when it starts November 4th! Can you believe it has been on for that long!?!?!

-Not only is Pushing Daisies one of my favorite new shows, it is one of my favorite shows period. So I was so happy today to read that it has been picked up for the a full 22 episodes (a full season order)! So while the ratings are anywhere close to Grey’s Anatomy, they are good enough to keep this flowering (get it?!) show around at least till the end of the season!

-My roommate and I are kinda addicted to The Biggest Loser and tonight was the most SHOCKING episode I have ever seen! Did you see it? One of the contestants actually gained +17 pounds in one week! It turns out it was because right before the weigh in he downed TWO gallons of Water in an effort to throw the competition! Not only was that crazy, it was dangerous! But it made for good television, so drink away.

-Funny story, my previous blog about Bo Bice popped up on his major fan site and someone on it called me a “condescending ass”. That’s a little aggressive don’t you think? I didn’t even really say anything bad about Bo!

UPDATE: Check out the new cast for The Amazing Race 12. While my favorite team this year is Perez Hilton inspired Kint & Vyxsin (no spelling errors there), my hard earned canadian dollars are on Rachel and TK

Mike Morrison