I’ve never been married or had a kid or even paid a bill on time but if I did, I can’t imagine any of those moments making me feel happier than I feel right now: McLobster is a trending topic on Twitter in Canada!

(Twitter 101:  If something is trending on twitter it means it was one of the ten most talked about topics on the interwebs!)

McLobster! McLobster McLobster!  I don’t know how, why or who but I literally couldn’t be happier.  If you’ve ever read this blog even twice, you know that I’m obsessed with the maritime delicacy.  That’s right, the McLobster is a delicacy.  Okay, maybe that’s just me.  If I lived back home right now, the fancy lobster sandwich, with McD fries and some CocaCola, would be a regular fixture in my diet.

I’ve begged and pleaded for McDonalds to bring the McLobster further west but so far I haven’t been lucky.  But since so many people to be talking about it, maybe this will finally be the time for the McLobster to shine!

So because I’m in such a wonderful mood, I’m going to take this moment to post my favourite song.

Oh happy day!

Mike Morrison


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