I have some pretty cool people in my family. Tonight, around midnight her time, my 85 year old grandmother called me and told me to check my email. Yes, everything about that last sentance was true. Like I said: pretty cool.

Anyway, in preparation for my trip to Hong Kong in Beijing (6 hours!) she sent me a few helpful translation for the Mandarin language.

I thought I’d share. I wonder where I get my sense of humor from?

Prepare now for the Beijing Olympics.

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes (You MUST read them aloud)
English – (Chinese)

That’s not right! (Sum Ting Wong)

Are you harboring a fugitive? (Hu Yu Hai Ding)

See me ASAP (Kum Hia Nao)

Stupid Man (Dum Fuk)

Small Horse (Tai Ni Po Ni)

Did you go to the beach? (Wai Yu So Tan)

I bumped into a coffee table! (Ai Bang Mai Fu Kin Ni)

I think you need a face lift! (Chin Tu Fat)

It’s very dark in here! (Wai So Dim)

I thought you were on a diet! (Wai Yu Mun Ching)

This is a tow away zone! (No Pah King)

Our meeting is scheduled for next week! (Wai Yu Kum Nao)

Staying out of sight (Lei Ying Lo)

He’s cleaning his automobile (Wa Shing Ka)

Your body odo ur is offensive (Yu Stin Ki Pu)

Great (Fa Kin Su Pa)

Love you Granny Morrison!

Mike Morrison