First, a confession:  I’m one of the five people in Canada that don’t like The Tragically Hip.  Never have, never will.

That being said, their next album does sound kind of interesting.

Rockabye Baby!, the world’s leading lullabizer* of classic rock and pop tunes releases its first full-length Canadian album featuring lullaby renditions of Canuck-rock group The Tragically Hip. Set for release on November 8th, the album will see The Tragically Hip favourites like “Ahead By A Century,” “Courage” and “Bobcaygeon” transformed into new nursery anthems for listeners of all ages.

Other bands that have had their music made nursery friendly include The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, Kanye West, The Beach Boys and U2.  Upcoming releases include The Police (November 1) and Van Halen (November 15).

It’s an interesting concept, although I don’t know if I’d let my children ever listen to The Tragically Hip.  What about you?

*Is there really more than one company that does this?

Mike Morrison


  1. My now 6 year old, has fallen asleep to Nine Inch Nails more than once because of Rockabye baby! We also have No Doubt!

    oh and I’m #2 who is not a fan of the Tragically Hip. I do know one of their albums only because I was forced to listen to it one summer my coworker loved it and had it on repeat.

  2. I’ll comment on this as the dad of a one-year-old. This news is pretty exciting.

    First of all, yes, there are a number of companies that do lullaby versions of popular songs, some much better than others. Rockabye Baby is much better than Sleepytime Tunes. I also enjoy the songs done by Hushabye Baby, who do the same for country songs. It’s one of those things you have no idea about until you become a parent.

    A lot of my son’s bedtime ritual includes listening to lullabies on our iPad while winding down, having a bottle, etc. He’s got songs from U2, Springsteen, The Cure, Radiohead, and many others.

    Yeah, it’s fun to listen to these slowed-down versions of the songs and sometimes sing along with them. A part of it is nostalgia, a part of it is hope that he grows up listening to some good tunes and not (insert future genre I will hate here).

    So yeah, this is great news. You know publicly declaring you don’t like The Hip is grounds for being forcibly removed from the country right? 🙂

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