>Hate buttons?

Well you are in luck!
Check out Apple’s newest Ipod Shuffle:
Apple seems to challenging it’s “easy-to-use” rep by taking the buttons off the shuffle altogether. instead of on the actual device, the buttons appear on the earphone wires. Which sucks if you lose them because you can’t just replace when any old earphones.

The MP3 player will also tell you (albeit with a creepy little voice) how much battery life you have and what song you are listening to.

If you ask me The Zune is looking better and better….

On a semi-related note. I once opened a bank account just so I could get a free Ipod. Three years ago I lost it in a park, every time I go back to that park I look for it. Someday I will find it like those weird families who find their cats 5 years later across the country.

Mike Morrison