>Now that Idol is done Fox is rolling out it’s summer reality powerhouse So You Think You Can Dance (or SYTYCD to Taylor)!  The season premiere is a dance packed 2 hours which, when you take into account Thursdays normally busy schedule, means it might cause some headaches.

But there are a couple of things to take note off
Lost is taking the night off for preparation of next weeks 2 hour season finale
The Office, 30 Rock, CZzzzI and ER are all dunzo for the season
Which only leaves Grey’s Anatomy and it’s very own 2hr finale on Thursday night.  But fret not if you live in Canada, CTV is going to take care of you.  Grey’s will be starting at a very early 7pm and then it will be followed at 9pm by the SYTYCD premiere.  While I realize that it might feel weird to watch 4 straight hours of television, I think it is a worthy sacrifice for such great television.
yeah that is right SYTYCD is great television.  After several discussions with several friends this week I have no problem saying that FOX’s dance show is the most entertaining of the reality competition shows out there.  Initially I wasn’t a fan but you try having two separate dancer roommates (no not strippers) and see how long you last.  But now I have no problem admitting that I have already Season Passed the show for the entire summer season.   
The reason why it is so much better than anything out there is that because for one you have to be talented.  Sob stories, funny talents or a so-so personality won’t make the cut.  The show is based purely on the aspiring dancers talent which makes this show often dazzling and inspirational to watch.  The other great thing is that the judges decide who is eliminated.  America chooses only the bottom three. This way we are leaving it up to the professionals which is why they are judges in the first place right.  
So while everyone else is outside enjoying the sun and human contact I will be exactly where I want to me.  On my couch criticizing people who are doing something with their lives. (I wonder if I can apply for The Biggest Loser if I weigh 130pds?)

Mike Morrison