>Well that’s a wrap.

After 15 amazing days my time in China has sadly come to an end. In a few short hours I will be getting on a plane back to Calgary. Yes, that was the hardest sentance I have ever written. The funny thing about the flight is that because of the time change from Hong Kong to Calgary, I will be boarding at 12:45pm on Thursday and landing in Cowtown a meer 45 minutes later. Of course, in reality I will be on a plane for 18 hours, probably beside a small child or an open air gagger.

When I have some more time I will write something more reflective and poigant about my time here in Hong Kong and Beijing, but for now I would like to just say how wonderful this whole experience. I have done some crazy things (again for when my mom isn’t reading), got to spend time with inspiring friends (shout out to Nadine, Matt, Grace, Kim, Chris, Ollie, Krista, Elena, Jill, John and Beatta).

The city of Hong Kong has to be one of my favourites I have ever seen in my life. It is literally a melting pot of so many cultures. Where else can there be a Louis Vuitton store right in front of a wet market with fishes hearts still beating. Seriously. I love this city!

So my time has come to an end and I must head back to North America. Ending a trip is kinda like New Years Eve. You have these grand ambitions about when you leave you are going to change your life. Save more money, take a second to look around more or simply just live a positive life. Well I”m kinda feeling that way too. But to be honest, right now, if I can’t be here, there is no other place I would rather be than my couch with my Tivo remote in my hand.

3 episodes of 30 rock here I come.

Mike Morrison