Depending how much Entertainment news you keep up on you might have heard that this past Monday the Writers Guild of America walked of their jobs and are officially on strike.

Some of the immediate effects are already visible as most late night talk shows like Conan, Letterman, Leno, The Daily Show and The Colbert have gone dark since obviously a huge chunk of their support is due to their many writers. (Don’t think that Jay Leno writes his cheesy monologue by himself.)

Saturday Night Live will also go dark tomorrow night thus screwing over the Rock and Amy Whinhouse who supposed to be guests at 30 rock.

As for primetime TV we haven’t started to feel the effects in about two weeks time. Since most shows are produced at least a couple of weeks ahead of time we are left with some original episodes. But expect all that to change in a bout two weeks time when these episodes run out. So what does that mean? Well that means a whole lot of repeats and reality shows. It also means that shows have to consider that like the NHL hockey season a couple of years ago they might have to call their seasons kaput waaaaay earlier than normal.

Heroes has made it’s 8th episode of the season also it’s possible season finale with a huge cliffhanger. The Office is done next week. 24 isn’t even on the the schedule for January anymore. You can find out how many new episodes your favorite TV show has left here.

This also means we will be subjected to a lot of reality shows in the winter months. They are brining back Hell’s Kitchen early, also for the first time Big Brother will start in March with a possible celebrity edition, it usually airs in July with people who want to be celebrities. American Idol and Dancing with the Stars will pretty much save networks like Fox and ABC, while CBS is happy to have Survivor and The Amazing Race to fall back on.

The last time the writers went of strike it was for 22 weeks! Let’s hope it doesn’t last that long this time. So what are they striking about? Well luckily they’ve made a handy little video that you can check out here. It seems a little biased and you can tell they really don’t like NBC which has always been ahead of the game with it comes to watching TV online anyway.

Mike Morrison