>This past Tuesday, Calgary was hit with it’s first snowfall of the year.  As you can imagine the city shut.down.  Honestly, we hosted the Winter Olympics but we cannot handle 5cms of snow.  Driving to work that day was a nightmare, there were accidents every where and everyone was calling into my friends at Energy 101.5 talking about how long they had been in their cars.

They got me to call in and tell them my story about where I was and how long I had been trying to get.  Then they we talked about what people could do to relieve the stress of the morning and I suggested “turn up the radio as loud as it would go and just rock out!”.  They agreed and asked me if I had any suggestions.  Only one song came to mind.
You can find it below.
While it was over played at the time, there is probably no better song to get you in a better mood!

Mike Morrison