Imagine a world without Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video.  Impossible, right?  Like him or not, Kanye was right when he said it was one of the greatest videos ever made.   One third of what made it so amazing was Ebony Williams who was one of the sensational back-up dancers that made the video one of the most copied videos ever.  I swear, Youtube made millions off of just all the copy cats alone.

Turns out that Ebony Williams is also a member of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, which is making its Canadian Debut next week right here in Calgary, YES, Calgary, as part of the Fluid Movement Arts Festival (the festival begins this Friday and runs thru October 24)!

So obviously I’ve made it my mission to track her down, force her to teach me the Single Ladies dance movie and make the greatest youtube video of all time.  Why is mine going to be so different?  One word: pleather.

Stay tuned.

Mike Morrison