>On Monday night I returned to Tequila for the exclusive DJ Samantha Ronson show. If you don’t know who she is, don’t worry about. It means that you don’t read Perez Hilton or trashy magazines and that my friend is a good thing.

A quick bio of Samantha would probably consist of: She is Lindsay Lohan lesbian girlfriend/lover/probable sponser. But she is also a talented DJ who will probably live in the shadow of a Lohan.

Since it is a shockingly late 2:15am, I am going to resort to the list to breakdown my Samantha/Lindsay thoughts.

-the big question of the night: Was Lindsay there? Well we stayed until 2am and she never showed up.
-dear Samantha, eat a burger, smile and look up once and a while.
-the problem with dance floors are the pushing teenage dancers, tonight they met their match in me. I got moves they’ve never seen. That and I can’t seem to get the Stampede smell of of me from Friday!
-Samantha drinks Red Bull and Water. But turns down REV. Which let’s face it, everyone should.
-I’m so tired. When will Stampede end?
-Samantha also smokes and she doesn’t like it when you ask to take her picture while smoking.
-we asked the bouncer on the way out if Lindsay was really in there. He said: “Of course not, she is facing drug charges, she can’t leave the USA.” Makes sense, no?
-Samantha also has the personality of the Vibe Morning Show. Which makes George Bush seem like Kelly Ripa!

In the end Samantha put on a really great show with lots of amazing tunes to dance to. I think I lost a solid 16 pounds from sweating which is always good right? It’s a shame that no matter how good her show was, people (like you and me!) are probably just going to remember it as the night they didn’t meet Lindsay Lohan.

Check out some pics below:
The only time she cracked a smile all night was when she was reading these mysterious text messages. Even weirder was that she never wrote me back!
I thought this was funny because when I am really concentrating on something, I always stick out my tongue!
My friend Tricia K and I enjoying our prime front row spots for the 2 hour show!
Seriously, cheer up. Like would it kill you to crack a smile? Once, twice an hour?

Mike Morrison