Listen I know you hate Ryan Seacrest, a lot of people do. I am not one of them.

Its not like I love Ryan Seacrest but you have to admit his resume and skills are impressive. Ever since he started as the co-host of American Idol (remember the Dunkleman?) Seacrest has been every where. He was an a reporter for Extra, took over for Kasey Kasem and the American Top 40, he has his own radio show in Los Angeles on KISS-FM, he had a short lived talk show and is now a host of another show on the E! network, (which is coming to Canada in September!). Phew.

And although he abandoned his trademark “Seacrest Out“, Ryan has slowly taken over nearly every form of media out there, whilst barely making the tabloids which in today’s Perez-obsessed world is quite a feat.

But this week I think Ryan took it to far. In two separate announcements this week it was announced that Ryan would be hosting two very different events and I don’t really know if the world ready for that much Seacrest.

The first event will be this coming September 16th when he hosts the 59th Annual Primetime Emmys. Past hosts for the show include Ellen Degeneres and Conan O’Brien…you know people that are funny. Yeah Ryan does a great job hosting American Idol but the Emmys are different, they don’t need someone making slightly homophobic jokes about their boss or giving hair styling types. I look forward to the Emmys because it awards the best in Television, not the cheesiest.

The 2nd annoucement effects me a little less, but will more effect anyone that watches the little show called the Superbowl. Yup, Seacrest will also be hosting that next year too! Did you even know that the Superbowl had a host? I certainly didn’t! But you name it and Seacrest does it, which at the superbowl includes hosting the pre-game and halftime shows. I honestly couldn’t picture a more awkward host for the biggest sporting event of the year. I think the rationale is that it will bring the women demographic but I don’t think Ryan actually attracts a demographic does he? I think people would still watch Idol if he wasn’t the host, it just so happens he is.

But let’s be serious. It all boils down to this. I want to be Ryan Seacrest, OK that’s a little creepy. I want his career, it’s pretty much my dream, all the way down to the hair. But I’ll have to wait it out. The world isn’t ready for both of us, so I’ll let him work himself into an early grave and then that is when I’ll swoop in and take over!

It’s our little secret ok?

Morrison out.

Mike Morrison