I’ve kinda been nervous to talk about the end of the writer’s strike. Mostly because I don’t want to jinx it, it’s almost like it’s to good to be true.

But the strike is over!

And that means that most shows will be back on the air by April and stick around till May. It will be a shortened season but a TV season none the less.

One of the shows that will be back on the air the fastest is Saturday Night Live because…well because it’s live and doesn’t need weeks of production to get itself up and running. So SNL will back on the air with a brand new episode on February 23rd with host TINA FEY! This will be her first time hosting since she left the show 2 years ago to do the now wildly popular and award winning 30 Rock! This is perhaps the most exciting news since I found out they have Cranium Day Calandars….one of which now sits on my desk.

And you wanna know the even greater news? The week after Tina Fey, Oscar darling Ellen Page (Juno) will be the host of the sketch comedy show. I think it’s easy to say that these are two of the funniest women on the scene right now and they’ll bring tons of energy to the show.

So while we’ll still have to wait a month or two for our favourite shows to come back at least we know will have the laughs from SNL to keep us nice and warm.

Mike Morrison