>When Arrested Development was on the air it would have been impossible to predict how huge the show would become for so many of it’s actors.  Especially, because nobody was watching it.  Michael Cera, who played George Michael, perhaps has benefited the most from the cult status of the cancelled show.  2007 was an amazing year for Cera who stole the show in two of the years most talked about movies: Juno and Superbad.

Just one year later it looks like Michael Cera is going for leading man status with the comedy Nick and Noras Infinite Playlist.  And while I don’t there are too many laughs in the two and half minute trailer, I think it is going to be a Fall hit when college students will be going on the obligatory first date with their one night stands from FROSH Week.
The movie gets bonus points for casting Kat Dennings are the aforementioned Nora.  I still remember how funny she was in her small scenes in the 40-Year Old Virgin.
Check out the trailer below:

Mike Morrison