>So my resolution is a couple of days late. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have one. I wanted to make a resolution that would actually make a difference. Not for the world, but for me. Apparently, I’m kinda selfish in 2008.

But the resolution I decided on turned out to be both beneficial for me and you.

Proof reading. Oh and spell check.

That’s right Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob readers I have decided to change the face of this blog forever by actually re-reading something before I post it!

Deep breath.

You see, I’m kinda notorious for not doing either of those things and after my trip home I came to the realization that it annoys the shit out of people. So by ringing in 2008, I said hello to something I used to pay Kyle to do in University for me. (that’s where my student loan went!)

While I can’t promise perfection. I still have no freaking clue how to use a comma, I will try my very best.

Here goes nothing…..

Mike Morrison