I get asked all the time why I  choose to write solely about Canadian entertainment.  Besides my love of all things Canuck, it makes it really easy when it comes to not having to write about stupid things like The Real Housewives series.  It’s trash TV at its worst and has been producing terrible examples of the human species for years.  But like I said, they aren’t Canadian, so I’ve never had to write about it.

Until now.

It looks like The Real Housewives of Toronto is nearing production and may be invading our homes before we even have time to prepare for it by taking hourly antibacterial showers.

Louise Clark of Vancouver’s Lark Productions, has already said that they are looking into the possibility of bringin the Housewives series to Canada, but so far no deal has been nailed down.   But that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from churning.  According to a City TV story, cameras are getting ready to roll and Toronto neighborhoods Bridle Path, Rosedale and Forest Hill are all being scouted for filming.

So who would be the housewives?  Well no one is saying for sure but the same story mentions socialites Jessica Mulroney (Ben’s wife,) designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran and fashionista Stacey Kimel as potential housewives.

It should be no surprise that they are bringing the series to Canada, I guess the only shocking part is that they still haven’t called my mom, who admittedly can drink all of these ladies under the table.

(photo via Macleans)

Mike Morrison


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  2. Would love to see this show hahaha & I heard Lakeshore starts filming in the summer :p

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