On Tuesday night the 4th season of Beauty and Geek will finally come to an end.  The season’s final two teams are Jasmine and David and this years twist Sam and Nicole (Sam is the beauty, Nicole is the geek.)

The other twist in this season was that America will get to choose who is more deserving of the $250,000 reward.  And if they have any sense at all they will hopefully choose Jasmine and David. Why you might ask? Sam and Nicole certainly won more challenges, but you wa
nna know why?  It’s because Sam is kinda not who you might think he is.
Remember that show Grace Under Fire?  Well Sam was Grace’s son.  His also appeared on Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives and One Tree Hill.  I’ve always found this frustrating because most of the challenges on Beauty and the Geek are designed to bring the “beauties” out of their shells, but as an actor, Sam is already waaaaaay out of his shell.  He doesn’t mind speaking and public and thus he has always been at an advantage.
While Jasmine and David might not have been the most deserving team they did ALWAYS try and kept a sense of humor about the whole thing.
There hasn’t been a clearer winner since the days of Carrie vs. Bo.

Mike Morrison


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