So I finally got a chance to see The Dark Knight this weekend with my friend Steve. As planned we saw the Imax show on Saturday afternoon. Sure it was perfect Summer day outside but who cares we got tickets to the Dark Knight, you don’t screw out around with that, no matter how nice it is outside.

Anyway, I’m not going to spoil anything here, I promise but I just gotta get something off my chest about the problem with the Dark Knight:

It is so hard to talk to someone about it if they haven’t seen it yet. There is so much amazingness that happens that you don’t see in the trailer, that you just want to talk about all the surprises, twists and turns. Let’s just say this: The trailer doesn’t really give a solid idea of what the movie is actually about, which is rare for an industry that usually tells you everything in a 2:00 minute preview.

Anyway. The Dark Knight is awesome and if you can see it on Imax, even better. Absolute ridiculousness.
I always want to tell you that if you don’t end up getting tickets for The Dark Knight this week but you are already at the theatre go see Hellboy II, because for my money it is just as good as the Dark Knight. I’m not even joking. and the best part is is that you don’t have to see the first Hellboy to enjoy the 2nd. There is hardly a reference to it and for the most part you are caught up in the first 5 minutes anyway. I have no problem saying the movie is visually more stunning than DK and the fight scenes are just that much more amazing. I was watching the movie and I kept to my friend and saying :Are you freaking me?” in pure amazement. Honestly, it’s that good!

Mike Morrison