Last night in Calgary, Metric played an exclusive contest winner only acoustic concert presented by X.92.9 (side note: they probably have the most attractive morning radio show ever!) I was fortunate enough to check out the show along with hundreds of die hard Metric fans, as I assumed, I was indeed the only one wearing an ironed shirt.

While in theory the concert should have been easy to review, it’s actually been harder than I initially thought. While I’m not proud to say it, it’s always easier to review a bad show than a good show, because with a craptastic show, there are always things to criticize. But what happens when a concert is so good and so enjoyable that instead of thinking about what you are going to write about, you simply sit back and enjoy one of the most pleasurable acoustic shows this side of a Clapton concert?
The set, while only an hour, was nearly a perfect sampler of one of Canada’s fastest rising bands. With a setlist covering songs from their different albums, Metric rewarded both new and old fans a like. Their set was only aided by the amazing Grand Theatre that leads Calgary as one of the most stunning and acoustically appealing venues in the city.
Which brings me to one of my biggest issues with the band:
Emily Haines.
My problem with lead singer Emily Haines is that she is too freaking cool. First off, her appeal is so encompassing that it is practically impossible for someone to not find something redeeming and attractive about her. Her pitch perfect vocals could pierce even the most cynical of music critics. Her interactions with practically rabid Calgary crowd, which easily could be described as loopy, were exactly what any Metric fan would be looking for from their burgeoning idol. Her continuing discussion about all things David Lynch ranged from amusing, to confusing and even a little awkward. But ultimately, Haines is that kind of girl that is so impossibly cool, that even though you love being her friend, you wouldn’t dare invite her home because you know that your parents would like her more than they ever liked you.
Metric has one show left on their acoustic tour and one more at the Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival, before taking off for a European tour. Although they did promise to return to Canada very shortly, only this time plugged in. But if I had to choose between plugged in and acoustic, I would choose the exact same show as tonight. Which is perhaps the biggest problem with Metric, how do they top tonight?
I can’t wait to find out.
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Check out the acoustic version of Help I’m Alive below. If I could marry a song, this would be a serious contender. I would at least meet it’s parents.

Mike Morrison