>It doesn’t take Roger Ebert to tell you that 3D movies are taking over.  They used to just be for animated movies but this year, we have already seen My Bloody Valentine, The Final Destination in the revitalized format and in December, the sure fire box-office hit Avatar will be hitting the big screens in the third dimension.

Obviously the technology has improved to support the format.  Now you get to wear cool glass, that are study and comfortable.
But my question is: Why do we keep paying so much for them?

This weekend, I went and saw The Final Destination, leave you judgement at the door.  As with all 3D movies we had to pay the surcharge for the Real 3D glasses.  Usually the surcharge is $3 to $4.  After the movie you can keep the glass or you can recycle them.  The problem with keeping them is that when you go back to see another movie, you still have to pay the surcharge for the glasses.  If the company was really concerned about recycling, why not let us keep the glasses and then reward those people by not charging them again and again and again?
Life’s little mysteries I guess.
I actually tricked the system by using my SCENE card and got a free movie tickets from the points I had collected.  Suck on the REAL 3D.
Also, as a special aside, never and I mean never, watch The Final Destination the weekend that you are moving.  You will become terrified of everything.  Ceiling fans, super glue, the new neighbors dog.  If the moral of that movie is to not trust and moving object, I got the message loud and clear!

Mike Morrison