I’ve never really talked about one of my biggest fears. Mostly because he doesn’t come around very often, usually just around Halloween.

But this year, thanks to Michael Jackson, my biggest fear has returned 8 months early.

No…it’s not that.

But it is Vincent Price. I don’t know what it is about that dead bastard, wait actually, yes, yes I do. It’s his voice. I’ve never really been able to get past this his voice and how it is someone able to chill me to the bone.

And now because Michael Jackson ran out of money and is releasing the 25th Anniversary of his Thriller CD, I am subjected to my Vincent Price fear all over again. And I just finished paying off my Therapy for bills for The Hilarious House of Frankenstein.

But if you really must listen to Michael Jackson and Vincent Price Thrillerin’ it up again, MuchMusic is playing the entire re-release for free on their site for the next week. Stay tuned to the end when you can hear remixes featuring Akon (so catchy), Fergie (so awful) and Kanye West (yeah, even I don’t mess with Kanye).

Check it out here

How long till Halloween?

Mike Morrison