>American Idol is underfire again. No, because the Clay-mates are asking for another recount. This time is it’s because it seems that almost every Idol in the Top 16 were keeping one or two dirty little secrets in their closets.

Let’s go through the list shall we:
Amanda Overmeyer’s DUI
Danny Noriega’s verbal unleashing on YouTube
David Hernandez’s secret was that he used to work at a club….with a lot of men….naked.
Carly Smithson already released a CD on a major label
Ramiele Malubay “Racey Pics” (to be fair, i have racier pics)
Robbie Carrigo is was sporthing nothing under that bandana
and the fact that top Idol David Arculeta already sang “Imagine” on CBS’s Star Search

Phew. And those are just the ones that we know about right now. My question is this: Does it matter? With the exception of the DUI, which is a HUGE no no in my books, do we really think that all of our Idols were just simply perfect before we met them just 7 weeks ago?

I want my Idols to have a histroy, to have a story to tell and to have lived. While some of these things above my not be “respectable” sometimes finding money isn’t easy and sometimes we do things that we aren’t proud of. Hell, even I worked at Pizza Delight for 2 shifts.

The point of shows like American Idol is to find America’s best undiscovered talent. It’s not a beauty pageant or a moral contest. And if the kids can sing than the kids can sing. And there isn’t anything embarrasing about that.

Mike Morrison