In a couple of days I will be participating in the one of the scariest and most grueling competitions out in my life:  A pie-eating competition.

The battle of the pie will all be apart of Inglewood’s Sunfest which will be taking place this Saturday from 11am-5pm.  If you want to watch me beat Buzz Bishop (Amp 90.3), Darren Krause (Metro) and Anthony from Avenue Magazine, then make sure you are at the mainstage at 12:45pm!

Luckily it will not be about how many pies you can eat, rather how quickly you can eat one pie.  Don’t worry, I’ve already googled the subject and gotten some tips.  But knowing my competitors they are likely to do the same thing, so I feel like I should inform them about some things they might not be aware of:

  • I’ve already eaten McDonalds twice today.  My stomach can handle anything.
  • I’m incredbily cheap.  I’m looking at this pie like it is a free meal, which means I will be starving myself before hand, just to save my money.
  • I talk a lot, my mouth is used going a mile a minute.
  • I actually don’t even like pie, so I’m going to want this competition to end quickly.
  • The only thing I’ve ever lost were student elections all through high school and university.  So unless you show up in the high school gym wearing a short skirt, I have this in the bag.

In case that isn’t convincing enough, I feel like this video should do the trick:

Mike Morrison


  1. The pies that Nectar is baking up for the contest are amazing. Trust me, I’ve eaten my share.

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