Great, just when I was about to get over my post-Olympic depression, The Paralympics start tonight!

I’ve been excited for the Paralympic Games to start for a couple of different reasons. The first is that Sumi, the official Paralympic mascot, finally gets his time to shine. I’m partial to Quatchi, but Sumi definitely comes in a solid second place!
The other reason I’m excited is that, I’ve been looking for a reason to wear my Olympic gear again. Let’s be honest, we all have been wearing it everyday anyway, but now at least I have a good excuse! Oh red mittens, how I’ve missed you!
And lastly, I’m thrilled for the Paralympics because of all the great athletes that will be given the spotlight. Unfortunately, these games never seem to get the same attention as the main Olympics, but I think this year’s games will be different. Canada’s riding a huge wave of patriotism and I hope we continue to share it with these amazing athletes!
Go Canada Go!
You’ll be able to watch the Opening Ceremonies live on Paralympic.org
Embarrassingly, CTV isn’t showing them until Saturday.

Mike Morrison