When I was a kid my mom used to always hold “Holiday Open Houses”.  Basically this meant that for a week she was a stress case and that on a Sunday close to Christmas she would invite every person that she’d ever met to share in some holiday cheer.

I never really understood the point.  I think I mostly hated cleaning up for the party.  My point was always the same.  “Why are we cleaning up for these people, this isn’t normally how are house looks.  We should show them how it really looks.”
I believe this is where my mom’s now infamous line “I’m on my last fuse!” originated.  And we haven’t let her forget it.
Since moving to Calgary I have gone through a lot.  Well actually, probably no more than a normal 25 year old, but when you are doing it so far from it home, it just seems that much harder.
So this Holiday season I wanted to celebrate.  I wanted to celebrate every thing, new jobs, new friends, new babies, new houses, new Visa bills, new neighbors.
So against everything I stood for as a pimply 12 year old, earlier this afternoon I threw my very first “Mike’s Holiday Open House.”
All throughout the week I kept in constant contact with my mom.  I needed advice, help and money.  She provided two of those.
After spending way too much money on food, drinks and Christmas decorations, I was a little nervous.  To be honest, I was a little nervous that no one would show up.  But at a little afternoon 12:30 my first guests arrived and they didn’t stop arriving until just before 5pm.  It was amazing………amazingly hot.  You see my apartment is small and wasn’t exactly designed to host a party for 40 people all while the oven is cooking up treats for all the guests to enjoy.  Luckily I cooled my guests down with lots of rum and eggnog and all of the  snacks that were provided by my guests.
So here I sit on the evening of my first Holiday Open House.  Do you know what?  I think it was a success.  I think everyone had a good time and the place didn’t end up being all that messy.  My only regret was that I was so busy running around, I feel like I didn’t get a chance to get beyond a quick chat with everybody.  But none the less it was so nice that so many people took time out of their busy holiday schedules to swing by and say hello.
So tomorrow when I call to give my mom the full report, I’ll tell her that I finally understand why she had open houses.  It gives you a chance to see all the people that were the reason that you had a great year in the first place. You get to catch up, you get to see how each other have grown and with any luck you get to spread a little holiday cheer.  Oh and I also learned those people usually bring wine or chocolate.(14 bottles!)
I’m onto you mom……

Mike Morrison