>The Olympic Torch is still in Calgary and today it showed up at the Olympic Oval on the University of Calgary Campus.

side-thought: Wouldn’t it be more fun if no knew where the torch was going to be next, or who was going to hold it? Imagine, you are in the washroom going number two and when you reach for the toilet paper, they hand you a torch instead? That would be funny.
In case you’ve never been to Calgary, people
still talk about the ’88 Olympics every single day. Seriously, the way people talk about the games, you would think they were a year ago and not the same year that Empty Nest and Roseanne premiered. On any given day, you can hear most Calgarians talking about how they knew someone’s neighbor, who had a cousin, that once worked at McDonalds and served this teach
er, who taught a class and in that class, there was this kid whose parent’s filled out an application to carry the torch, but they didn’t get approved. It’s exhausting.
So of course, Calgary came out in full force,
dressed in their best ’88 Olympic gear. I have no idea where they keep this stuff, I have no idea where the pants I bought this weekend are, let alone things that 22 years old.

Anyway, here are some pics of the rally this morning. At one point, the speed skaters were going so fast, it looked like the torch went out completely, but I’m sure it didn’t…..I mean the thing has been carried all across Canada, surely we wouldn’t be the ones to extinguish the flame would we? Let’s just move on.

Mike Morrison