>I’ve now begun settling back into life in Calgary after my trip to Asia. The jet lag isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, actually I’m kinda opposite of everyone I know, because it hit me a lot harder going over there than it did coming back.

But I also hold my pencil like a left handed person, I write my letters the opposite way, I snore on my stomach and I have never thrown out a magazine. So I guess I can just add opposite jet lag sufferer to the list.

Since getting back on Thursday, I have been doing a lot of number crunching. Both budget and time. And here’s what I come up with:

While I was away for the past 15 days (half the time of the winner of Survivor):

-30 cms of snow not shoveled.
-10 pounds lost. yes, you read that right. 10. Suck it Alison Sweeney.
-Money spent? Yeah. I can’t reveal that for tax purpases.
-4 pirated TV shows on DVD purchased in Beijing. 3 seasons of Battlestar and 1 of Grey’s.
-17.5 hours of TV missed
(Lost*, Samantha Who x 2, The Hills x 2, Grey’s Anatomy*, Scrubs x 3, 30 Rock x 3, The Office x 3, Desperate Housewives x 2, Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty*, American Idol x6)
*I was technically back but not awake.
-2 movies watched on plane ride home (August Rush and Juno)
-3 shows watched on plane ride home (Ugly Betty x2, La Job-Quebec’s version of the Office)
-969 is the amount of pictures taken during the entire trip. I have put some up on Facebook. I have burned others. Again for tax purposes.
8 is the number my mom said for the scale on which she missed me. The highest being 10. An 8. And she thought about it too.

Mike Morrison