For my mom’s first night week we really took advantage of living in Calgary. By that I mean that we sat out on the patio all day until it got too cold and then went inside and watched two movies and enjoyed some wine. This is why we get along so well.

Because my mom hates movies that are scary, have scary music, can be deemed stressful or may cause her to cry, my movie options are limited. This past christmas we watched Once and Waitress so those were out.

That left us with exactly two movies in my DVD library: About a Boy and Little Miss Sunshine, so obviously I had no complaints. Without even knowing it, my mom had made it a mini-Toni Collette marathon night, or as I like to call it: Christmas.

But as we were watching the movie we both noticed something: The movies, even though they could be more different, pretty much end the exact same way. Toni Collette’s kid wants to perform in front of people who will most likely judge and mock them, everyone advises the kid not to do it, but Collette’s character insists. The kid goes on stage anyway, people are initially apprehensive but eventually warm up. Hilarity and warmth ensue.

Not that the similarities make me dislike either of the movies, especially About A Boy, which has always been an essentially perfect movie in my eyes. Just an interesting observation. Makes me think of this.

Now if I could just some how trick my mom into watching The Sixth Sense.

Mike Morrison