>Hey! Remember last week on American Idol when pretty much everyone sucked except for a handful of Idol hopefuls?

Well they are back. Not all of them, but some of them made the cut from last week.

So what are you going to do with the next 90 minutes of your life? Read a book? Go for a walk? Why would you do any of that

We start off with Michael Johns who describes himself as a joke. A tennis joke. I didn’t even know that counted. Just start singing already. And singing he does by completely rocking Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”. I think as long as he sticks to the rock songs he’ll be ok. Country night should be interesting.

Jason Castro has hates doing interviews!?! What a shocker. I thought he was going to say that he hates washing his hair….cause he obviously hates washing his hair. Jason does another nice acoustic song that I’ve never heard of. But it’s from the 70’s so really isn’t a suprise. Have you noticed that this season was touted as the season with the instruments and Jason is the only left with one? Too bad Randy doesn’t feel the same way.

Luke Menard says he’s been to Hong Kong! When I go in April I’m going to ask around about him. I bet he’s lying. He’s performance is a little better than last weeks, which isn’t saying much. He’s still super cheesy. I kinda want Michael Johns to punch him mid-song (kinda like this). Oh snap! He does look like Dawson!! Must hurt to be burned by the Ryan.

Robbie Carrico tries to defend his title as this seasons rocker. He takes a step in the right direction by letting the bandana go. While he can sing (or “blow”), I thought his song was really lame. I hope maybe he gets through next week and comes out and sings a broadway tune. As much as I hate to say it, the judges are usually right and it would be cool if he came out and surprised us!

It’s too bad Danny Noriega has such an annoying personality and tries so hard because I really really like his voice. (also, can the producers please stop getting the audience to wave their hands?) And what’s this? Simon being nice to to Danny? Wow. Is it April 1st already?

David Hernandez used to be a gymnast and went to the Grand Canyon Olympics, funny I don’t remember those. He is also the first to sing the first real disco song with “Papa was a rolling stone”. David is one of those guys with a great voice but seems to be rubbing people the wrong way (see above). But you cannot deny that can sing! Wow! Those last few notes? Crazy!

Ryan asked Paula was did the 70’s have so many great songs. The answer is easy. Cocaine.

Does anyone else think that Jason Yeager used to be one of the guys from the Moffatts? It could just be the blond streaks. Ohh and he is a self taught musician…how classy. But all jokes aside his version of Long Train Runnin’ (thanks Google) was just alright. Maybe he should tune down the cheesy dance moves a little bit, but then again some old blind ladies like it.

Have you noticed that they are interviewing people a lot more this season? I think this is due to the flack they got last year for showcasing the celebs too much. I think it so far.

Next we get to learn the origin of Chikezie‘s name. Personally I liked Simon version (Jacuzzi) better. I still can’t believe the voice that comes out of that little guy. I think this was the performance that we all wanted last week. Usually people fumble on good ol’ Stevie tunes, but Chikezie passed with flying colours…no pun intended.

David Cook Bedhead is up next and his secret talent is that he is a word nerd. Maybe I should hire him. Oh and he brought out a guitar too. Take that Jason Castro. He looks so much more comfortable with the guitar this week. And damn that guy can play. And did you notice that it looked like he had Robbie’s bandanna in his back pocket. Very very sneaky.

Which finally brings us to the ever popular David Archuleta. I’m going to be honest. I had a whole entry written about David and how I didn’t get him. Even though my best friend Kelly Clarkson is apparently a fan, I just thought he was cheesy and too young to handle something this big. But then he sang Lennon’s Imagine. Wow. Those ever guys don’t stand a chance.

So who is going home?
I’d like to think Jason Yeager and Luke Menard for simply being forgettable.

Now let’s get back to David’s performance. Check it out below:

Mike Morrison