>I used to think I was alone in my distain for the NYE. It like my early 20’s was always anti-climatic. Could you ever reach the fun that one was supposed to be having? My NYE’s of the past range from working at restaurants, Fredericton’s (now defuct) First Nights, and several parties at one Harvey Sawlors. Those are probably the most classic memories for me, aside from the tears, broken dishes and sometimes blood. Oh NYE, you are so fickle.

This year, I will be celebrating the end of 2006 in the mountains of Alberta with some of the most amazing people I’ve met during this year. I’m very excited about this. Mostly cause I get to wear my new clothes from my most recent shopping trip!

Without getting to nostalgic, 2006 year has been such an interesting one, and I’m so glad I started this blog, so I’ll never forget the incredible highs and lows I’ve experience. Obvious highlights for me include: My entire trip to L.A, EW publishing something I wrote, Vanessa’s wedding, my very first apartment on my own, my new roomate and travelling to Houston. There has been so much to be thankful for. I finally feel like I am my own person, capable of anything and that is the biggest gift anyone could every receive. If I think back to what me and my friends have accomplished in the last year, I can’t wait for 2007, because it can only get better and better.

Entertainment wise, highlights for me are:
– 24 (Edgar!)
-Grey’s Anatomy (Denny! Superbowl episode!)
-Jennifer Hudson
-Discovering: Scrubs, 30 Rock, Heroes
-Perez Hilton
-Concerts : Elton John, Dixie Chicks, Aerosmith, Rock Star Supernova, Celebrity Duets, Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Jim and Pam (The Office)
-Veronica Mars season 2 finale. (I really thought Keith died, damn you Joyce Summers)
-Thank You for Smoking, Little Miss Sunshine, An Inconvenient Truth, Borat
-The Peacock Season, Hillbilly Wedding

I’m not sure if I have any resolutions for the new year, obviously I want to be healthier, I mean who doesn’t? I mean besides anorexics. Whats their deal anyway? I want to get to know the people I know even better. So many of the people I’ve met this year are AMAZING and I can’t wait to get to know more about them. I also want to continue to stay friends with all my friends from the past. I can’t get over all the places we’ve gone over the past year and I can’t wait to hear all about their adventures, and hopefully be apart of some of them!

So as 2007 gets closer and closer, I’d like to thank to 2006. You kicked my ass and I kicked back. Like the pita that once gave me food poisoning, I’ll never forget you. How could I? There’s is still the orange stain on my parents carpet.

Mike Morrison