>It is only a matter of weeks until the new fall TV season gets on it’s way! Can you believe it? I feel like it has just been a couple of weeks since The Petrelli brothers bit the dust, that Jim asked Pam out, Dr. Burke packed up his saxophone and Jack Bauer…well let’s let Jack keep resting until January. I think he might need it.

But the networks will starting rolling out their new and returning shows. The ones to look forward to will start around mid-september. Don’t worry I’ll keep you in the loop.

In the mean time here is a new promo that NBC released for The Office. Check out the big news at the end of it. Wohoo. Keep my Thursdays clear! (facebookers see the promos here)

Oh and while you are at it, here is a promo for Season 2 of “30 Rock” WATCH THIS SHOW!

Mike Morrison