If you follow any sort of TV news, you know that the Canadian production of the The Kennedys mini-series has been plagued with as much as drama as, well, The Kennedys thmeselves. The co-production with History Television had trouble securing an American counterpart after The History Channel pulled out. Though, a  few weeks later, after a ton of negotiations, the specialty channel Reelz picked up the movie that stars Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes.

So a movie that has so much trouble attached to it already, has to be bad, right? Well it’s hard to say. It’s a safe bet that it isn’t good, but can it be so bad that it’s at least entertaining? Possibly. But will have to wait until it premieres on April 10th.

Although the new trailer, that’s just been released, may give a few clues: Dramatic music! Slamming fists! Crying in empty hallways! It has all the markings of Gossip Girl: The Presidential Years, no?

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think?!

Mike Morrison


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