>Although I gave up on Canadian Idol last season for a lot of different reasons a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but being sucked into watching Wednesday night’s finale and cheer for fellow Maritimer and mutual initial sharer Mitch MacDonald.
Sadly, Mitch lost the competition to pianist Theo Tams. Theo now joins other Albertans who also have the won the singing competition including manorexic Kalen Porter and Melissa O’Neil.

As for Mitch, he joins the growing list of runner-up maritimers Craig Sharpe, Rex Goudie and Gary Beales.

I smell a Canadian conspiracy and blame Harmonized Sales Tax and Roch Voisine.

Quick question: How many more seasons do you think CTV is going to rely on Jacob Hoggard to prove that Canadian Idol is actually relevant to the canadian music industry? The most successful Idol who never actually won ever!!!!

Mike Morrison