>Yipeee this is the best August 19th ever! Mostly because I just stumbled upon the new 2 minute trailer for the third season of Heroes!

The good:
-Who doesn’t love villains, lots and lots of villains.
-Evil Claire?
-I’m glad they didn’t get rid of Ando!
-And what about that new speedy girl! Crazy!
-The two-minute trailer looks better than the entire second season!

The bad:
-Where is my Elle (Kristen Bell-hey that rhymes!)? I didn’t see Micah either.
-Nikki is still on the show? Maya too? Really? Why? Sigh. (MORE RHYMES!)
-I’m kinda over Sylar being bad. He never really did live up to the hype of just how evil he was supposed to be.

Mike Morrison