Chelsie Hightower was on this past season of So You Think You Can Dance and apparently not a lot of people that she could, because she was voted off and never made it to the finals.

Well it looks like Chelsie is going to have the final laugh when it was announced tonight that she is joining the cast of Dancing with The Stars, but not as one of the celebrity rejects, instead she’ll be one of the professional dancers. Take that….um….whoever won SYTYCD.

ABC announced the cast of the 8th season of the most ridiculous and pointless show tonight and there were actually some fun and interesting contestants.

They include:
Jewel and her husband Ty Murray
Denise Richards
Lil’ Kim
Steve Wozniak (founder of Apple)
Nancy O’Dell
Chuck Wicks (who is dating Julianne Hough)
Belinda Carlisle
David Alan Grier
Shawn Johnson
Lawrence Taylor

And finally Gillies Marini who is soooooo d-list he doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. A little research shows that he was Samantha’s full frontal neighbor on the Sex and The City movie. Wow, now this is a prime example of taking the term Celebrity to all time low.

And thus concludes what will hopefully be the last time I ever talk about Dancing with The Stars.

Mike Morrison