Dear Dan Levy,
I know we’ve never met. But I’ve been a regular watcher of your show ever since the Laguna Beach days. You are actually the reason I stop mis-pronouncing it Laguana Beach. So for that I thank you.
I wanted to take a minute out of your day to thank you for something else. I’ve noticed that in 2010 you have been sporting a different look and I couldn’t be happier. The casual viewer might not notice, so I thought a visual might be necessary.
This is Dan Levy in 2009:

This is Dan Levy in 2010:

So what’s different? Dan is wearing glasses that fit his face!!!!
Now I know you probably don’t think it is that big of a deal, but Dan, I can’t help but feel like this is the punch in the throat that the hipster movement needed. I was beginning to think that black-rimmed glasses had no limits. Which is ironically different than Lisa Loeb’s career, which was tragically limited.
I’m not sure if this “I look normal” look is here to stay, but I hope it is. Thanks for pointing hipsters in the right direction. 2010 needed it.
All the best,

Mike Morrison