Just like last summer, The National Post is taking Mondays off for the next two months.  Are you jealous?  I know I am a little bit.  A whole summer of long weekends?  Yes, please!

In a statment, the paper said:

“While we are experiencing some relief in the economy, the newspaper industry continues to face unique challenges causing us to make tough decisions that balance our commitment to our print readers with business realities. All of these decisions will continue to put the National Post on firmer financial footing as we quickly approach profitability.”

It certainly makes sense.  Most people are travelling a lot during the summer months anyway, and with so many people turning online for their news, it will probably be only a matter of time until other National newspapers follow suit.

Enjoy your Mondays off National Post, I hear Regis and Kelly are heading to PEI, now you don’t have to miss it!

Mike Morrison