“I hate moving!”

How many times have you said that in your life? Well this weekend, over the span of four days, I lost track. I screamed it, I yelled it, I cried it, I laughed it, but mostly, I drank it away.
For the first time in three and a half years, I decided to pack up my bags and boxes and try a different neighborhood and I’m even picking up two roommates in the process. One of them is a blogger too.
I can honestly say, that I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life, than I have this weekend. When I moved into my apartment, my entire life fit in my Saturn, now it took one screwed up U-Haul reservation, and about 10 trips with two SUVS all over Calgary, to finally settle in my new home. Not to mention amazing friends like Zak, Victoria, Sarah, Stephanie, Christina, Don, Chris, Ian, Tricia Don (a different one), Krista and everyone else that I am probably forgetting.
It was really hard to say goodbye to what my friends affectionately call “626”. This is the apartment where I started the blog and where I discovered Friday Nights Lights. It is where I celebrated three birthdays and countless bottles of Fuzion wine. Many friends and family members have crashed on my couch. It is sorta weird to think that will never happen again, at least not in this apartment. Perhaps hardest of all was packing up my TIVO. It will only be away for a day or so, but that is like a mother putting their child in a box and waiting a day or so….or something similar.
This post isn’t really for Mike’s Bloggity Blog readers. It’s for me. For me, when I want to remember so many memories and so many great times. I am truly going to miss my first apartment that I ever had on my own. But one must move forward, I’m looking ahead. A new place will mean lots of great things in the future.
Like opening up my TIVO.

Mike Morrison