It’s the morning after the debuts of CTV’s Hiccups and Dan For Mayor. I’ve spend the entire night with them and now I’ve quietly rolled over to share my thoughts on the new comedies.

Mini review: Charming showcase for Nancy who does her best impression of both George Costanza and Liz Lemon. The has (and needs) room to grow.

The show is about a successful children’s author who is a little prone to flying off the handle. It stars Nancy Robertson and Brett Butt, both of Corner Gas fame.
Since I never really watched Corner Gas, I’m one of the few who are immune to comparing this show with the popular Canadian comedy. The first episode was full of scenes featuring Butt and Robertson, but I’m guessing that has to do more with drawing in new viewers to the show, than it does the general direction of the sitcom. Over the next couple of weeks, I think we can expect to see more and more of Millie’s equally eccentric co-workers (and less and less of Butt.)
The jokes are a mile a minute, most are funny, though some are not. They come from every which direction, so you never really know what to expect. Luckily, I don’t think it matters what Nancy does as Millie, it’s always going to be a pleasant mix of sweet and funny….and a little crazy.
Dan For Mayor
Mini review: Four minutes in you’ll already be rooting for Dan. Interesting story with a B+ cast. Fun twist at the end.
How do you not like Fred Ewanuick? He’s ridiculously charming and a great comedic talent. You had to know that CTV wouldn’t let him get too far after Corner Gas ended. In his new show, Ewanuick plays a down on his luck bartender who decides to run for the mayor.
Like Corner Gas, Dan is surrounded by some of the quirkiest people his town has to offer, the appliance store owner and the owner of the bar are my favourite! The others will have to really up their game, I’m wondering if the cast might not be a tad too big for a sitcom.
I also have my eye on the new-to-me Mary Ashton, who plays Dan’s ex. She’s cute, pretty and funny. (And yes, pretty and cute are two different things.) If Dan for Mayor doesn’t stick around (it will), CTV should definitely hold on to her.
Oh and CTV, well played on the media kits this year. Very classy. Your move CBC and Global TV.

Mike Morrison


  1. >These two shows have died on the vine. Each had an interesting premise, but neither has enough to sustain them for an entire season, as the most recent episodes have clearly shown. Next!

  2. >I disagree with your assessment on both of these shows. Hiccups seems a rather self indulgent forum for Butt to try out new material. The jokes are predictable and the story line is flaccid.
    Dan for Mayor? Again a really boring and totally not funny sitcom. I've now given both these shows three weeks to get my attention (I really wanted to like them cause I love the first few seasons of Corner Gas) but I think they should go back to the drawing board and cook up something that's actually funny if they want to capture viewers

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