If you grew up in Canada in the 90s, you no doubt know who The Moffatts are.  This country never really figured out boybands and the Moffatts were sorta a mix of all the different kinds that the era offered up, and they were huge. But then puberty hit and pop music evolved and The Moffatts disbanded. But since they are brothers, we knew they’d be back someday. And today is now that day!

After 18 years, the Moffatts are back with a new EP called Secrets, and a tour is in their near future!

Back in the late 90’s The Moffatts were EMI Music’s #1 International Priority, and toured the world extensively, where they sold in excess of 7 million albums, and were presented with Gold and Platinum records in 32 countries. Their last album, Submodalities featured the #1 hit – Bang Bang Boom, which at the time was the fastest #1 single in Canadian music history.

The new song is called Secrets, and here’s your fun fact for the day: it’s already reached #1 in The Philippines. Can someone please crowdfund a documentary about why The Moffatts are so big in The Phillipines?

You can hear the song yourself:

And the reunion makes sense, because Canadian still seemingly have a love of The Moffatts. Currently on Spotify, three of their songs have more than a million streams: Miss You Like Crazy, I’ll Be There For You, If Life is So Short. Suprisingly, their best song “Bang Bang Boom” only has 300,000 streams, but that’s pretty good for a 90s Canadian band on a relatively new streaming service. Also, I’m shocked that Misery only has 129,000 streams. I’m listening to it as I’m typing it, and you could release that song today and it would do well. Oh man, I actually really excited for The Moffatts to come back!

And in case you mistake my enthusiasm for The Moffatts return as sarcasm:

I have been waiting a long time for this day.

Now, can Wave come back too, please?


Mike Morrison