Everything is coming up Drake at this year’s MMVAs!

The rapper, who still has not released a full-length album leads the pack with seven nominations!  Among them: MuchVIBE Hip-Hop Video Of The Year, International Video Of The Year – Artist, International Video Of The Year By A Canadian, UR FAVE Video and UR FAVE New Artist

Hedley had the second most nominations with six.  This is surprising since their latest album has pumped one disappointing song after another.  And this is from a Hedley fan.  Sigh Jacob, sigh.

Canada’s little hemorrhoid Justin Bieber got himself three nominations, yet still can’t seem to find a comb.

My (secret) best friend Carly Rae Jepsen will be taking on both Bieber and Drake for the UR FAV NEW ARTIST.  I’ll note that the boys have had huge studio support and massive publicity machines behind them, Carly has pretty much been doing it on her own.  Just saying….

For a full list of nominees, click here.

The MMVAs will air on MuchMusic on June 20th

Mike Morrison


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