So I’m still in California and while there are many reasons why I’m down in the San Francisco area, my mission on has become a rather specific one.

Find The Mist on Blu-Ray.
Seriously, I’ve spanned North America (literally) looking for the Stephen King movie and I can’t find it anywhere. Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, none of them have it. Even Amazon is sold out. Now I know that I’ve already said this is one of the best scary movies I’ve ever seen, but I didn’t know other people knew this as well! Will you all please stop buying The Mist on Blu-Ray, or at least wait until I have my copy.
And if you are wondering why I’m so desperate to find this movie, you are obviously missing out, because you haven’t seen it yet have you? HAVE YOU!?! Since watching it last year, it has stayed with me, I think about it often and regularly think about how amazing the last five minutes were. And whenever you feel like having a conversation about the amazing Marcia Gary Harden just let me know. I will talk your hear off about her spectacular performance in this movie.
But if you could wait until I own my copy that would be great!

Mike Morrison