>Today I’d like to share a little story and it goes a little something like this.

There was once this guy that got up this past Tuesday at 5:15am to catch his flight to Toronto for 7am. His alarm went off and every thing was great. Upon arriving at the airport he realized he had forgotten his credit card at home. He thought “oh well, I don’t need it, I’ll use my debit card.” He paid the cab, checked in for his flight, went through security and then bought a coffee.

Upon sitting down waiting for his flight, he realized that of course he needed his credit card because how else would he check in at his Toronto airport and rent the car. As the minutes ticked away he began to panic. Because he hates to yell, this person expresses his panic by crying. Alone. At the airport. He decides to call his credit card company, have them cancel his credit card and same-day express a card to Toronto where he will pick it up upon his arrival. The informative lady then informs him that they cannot same day express, since this guy used to work at this bank he knows they do, but she doesn’t listen.

So this nice guy then decides to switch flights to a later time (more crying), go back through security and catch a cab home to get his credit card. The only problem was that there were no cabs, only limos. It is not even 6am. So this guy decides to get in a limo. On his way home, he calls VISA and says “yo, un-cancel my card, I’m going home to get it.” A new lady says that he can’t do that and he is out of luck. She then suggests the same-day express courier that I was told didn’t exist. More crying. I ask the limo driver to turn around and go pack to the airport. 20 minutes cost this guy $100. More crying.

He gets to the airport, gets on the new flight, ends up with a middle seat. Then because he had seen all the movies the plane offered, he was forced to watch The Happening. More crying.

He gets to Toronto, rushes on the shuttle so as to not miss the bank before it closes at 4pm. It is 3pm and he is at the airport still. His hotel is the last stop. He finally gets to his hotel and has 12 minutes to get to the bank which is 5 blocks away. He almost kills himself running there, gives himself asthma but makes it to the bank. Turns out they don’t have his credit card because the call centre put the wrong date. You guess it, more crying.

He then calls his friends in Toronto, they leave the comfort of their home to help him check into the hotel and then rent the car.

He finds solace in rye and coke.

Lesson learned?
Mark Wahlberg is a horrific actor.

Mike Morrison