>Tonight is huge. Tonight on a supersized “The Office”, the employees of Scranton and Stamford will merge to become a super office of some sort. I’m very excited about this. Again, I got the night off work for this blessed event. I haven’t done this in about 3 months, the last time being the premiere/2nd episode blunder of Grey’s Anatomy.

The following is what I’m wanting/hoping/preying to happen tonight:

&#8226At some point I want Chandler to run in and scream “MERGE” and run out.
&#8226I want Jim to relish, perhaps roll around in the awkwardness of Karen meeting Pam
&#8226I hope/dream that Dwight and Andy will become bestest friends. This includes buying the broken heart necklace, one reading “Best” the other being “Friends”
&#8226I want Karen Taylor from “24” to also run in and say the following: “Stamford has been absorbed by Scranton” and then disappear behind Pam’s desk
&#8226I hope Meredith realizes that she has found a drinking budy in Andy.

Does anyone else have hopes or dreams for tonight’s sure to be rockin’ episode?

Mike Morrison

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